Hardware Links:

For good electronics parts at a fraction of what you'd pay at Radionics try Hoffmann Industries
Electronics software mostly free stuff.
Electric's homepage a decent freeware ASIC design EDA written by Steven Rubin over 20 years, unbelivable stuff.
Oregano Homepage A freeware gui front end for Spice runs under linux.
A collection of the best electronics freeware links.

Linux Links:

Linux for S/390
The Linux for S/390 develelopment team
IBM's Linux for S/390 Homepage
Suse's S/390 distribution highly recommended.
Princeton University S/390 website good documentation & faq.
linmodems.org modem driver development
Irish Linux Users Group

Windows Links:

Wine Development HQ.


SlashdotWhere geeks spend the morning reading about other geeks.
Linux daily newsWhere geeks spend the remaining part of their day reading about other geeks.

Friends Sites & Contact Details:

Kristian Walsh's Homepage
Oliver Cahill Freelance Mac, Unix, Visual Basic / C++ developer & sysadmin based in Dublin Ireland.


What it truly means to be a Paddy!
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