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D.J. Barrow is currently Available for Hire, DJ's curriculum vitae is available here.
As usual the GPL Contributions contain some new goodies.
I'm currently finishing a horticultural course, my blog is here, if you enjoy fresh views on God and Science.

About Aria

Aria Enterprises formerly Aria Software Ireland Ltd. is now a Sole Tradership, Founded in October 1998 by D.J. Barrow. We specialise in software & hardware engineering

We have many customers to date including IBM & Sony, with whom we have successfully developed Linux® for S/390® & z/Series®.

Aria's activities include kernel, driver, compiler development and porting gnu software,iPhone Development, Web Development, Digital Design ( VHDL / FPGA ), PCB Development, Analogue Electronics.

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D.J. Barrow

About Denis Joseph Barrow

Since his youth, D.J. has been coding in assembly language, and now has proficiency in at least six assembly languages, Approximately ten high-level languages and most modern Operating systems. 

Prior to founding Aria Software, D.J. attended Cork Regional Technical College (now Cork Institute of Technology) where, Among other things, he gained a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering. 

After graduation, D.J. worked for 3 years for PCSL Software Ireland Ltd. developing among other things computer games and A Windows-based trip planner, similar to what Garmin & TomTom do, which was quite successful in Germany. 

D.J. subsequently moved to Apple Computers Ireland Ltd., where for over 3 years he specialised in PowerPC assembly, data compression, low level network programming, filesystem and driver optimisation and development for Apple Computer's internal software download and manufacturing Processes. He enjoys reading, playing music & his favourite books are Feynmans Lectures in Physics.

DJ's curriculum vitae is available here.

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